Virtual Photo Walks Inc Donation Page

Virtual Photo Walks is a project to allow people using video conferencing tools like to be interactive citizens again. Utilizing the hangout feature people are able to visit and interact with smart phone enabled photographers to see places and people they use to. See places and things that they might not have had the chance to see.Join our

It is a not just a service for those who are hospitalized or cannot go out into the community, but also for the many who just need a break in their day. It is a way to lend a helping hand by providing a window to places and things most of us take for granted, a truly interactive experience.

John Butterill discovered a way to share his photo walks using video conferencing tools.

Below click on the image link to see the movie made showing Virtual Photo Walks and as it was featured on NBC  

Word began to spread amongst professional photographers who wanted to help and participate. People with disabilities or illness, or simply needed a break in there day began following Virtual Photo Walks on social media. 

Virtual Photo Walks Inc is a 501c3 public charity in the USA.

The Mission

Virtual Photo Walks™ mission is to thus enable those who are immobilized by disability, illness or age to escape their isolation and re-engage with society virtually. Those whom we will service learn to use mobile video chat tools to virtually participate in events in selected locations around the world and then use those same tools to engage with their family and friends and to more efficiently interact with their caregivers.

The Need

Virtual Photo Walks™ has now been organized as a not-for-profit entity approved by the IRS in the USA - a 501C3  public charitable structure. VPW has now established its Board, and its Advisory Board. 

The funding to date has been borne largely by the founder John Butterill. The goal now is to raise money to fund the organization on a proper footing for a full year of operations.

To Know, To Care, To Act (original) by Tim Behrens Written for the wonderful, inspiring, organization +Virtual Photo Walks ( You can find a more refined version of this song on iTunes, with some great orchestration by Tanja Rathjen. I had a great time writing this song, and have been thinking about a stripped down version that recalled the original idea as I was reacting to the VPW videos and hearing the stories for the first time. Tonight, for whatever reason, it came into my mind. I flipped on a camera, powered up Cubase, and hit record. Hope you like it, and that you'll take a moment to visit