Virtual Photo Walks, Nara Japan at Mt. Wakakusa "Yamayaki" 

Virtual Photo Walks at Nara Japan with Hiroshi Hayashi and Noriko Nagahori showing a torch is lit with sacred fire at Kasuga Taisha Shrine. This sacred fire is carried down to a small shrine at the foot of the hill by a parade of Buddhist monks. First, the hill is ignited with the sacred fire by members of Kofuku-ji, Todai-ji and Kasuga Taisha. Then 200 fireworks are launched and the hill continues to burn for some 30 minutes. With the fire brigade standing by, there’s no need to worry about the fire spreading. This fire spectacle can be seen from the surrounding towns, but Nara City which faces the hill offers the most beautiful views Virtual Photo Walk is a great cause. Events are powered by Verizon phones and the 4G LTE Jetpack Mobile Hotspot. We use Zoom Video Communications and thank them for providing Pro Accounts and much more check out Telephoto Lens, wide angels and fisheyes provided by CamKix Eric S YuanVirtual Photo Walks is a non-profit organization that uses smart phones and video conferencing to enable people isolated by illness or disability to travel the world in real time. Thanks to our technology partners and a group of dedicated virtual volunteer guides from all over the world, we're able to make the world bigger and brighter for our community of people with disabilities. Our hope is through our efforts, we can make a difference in people's lives.

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