Virtual Photo Walks experience life on an active archaeological project 

This spring, VirtualPhotoWalks.Org has partnered with GRAPE to bring the experience life on an active archaeological project. It is our goal to provide several ‘tours’ to the VirtualPhotoWalks community during the course of the excavations between May 3rd and June 10th.Join our team as we explore the ancient origins of wine and the unique, traditional way wine is still produced in Georgia today.…/data=!4m5!3m... To acquire the samples necessary to answer questions of “where did wine begin?” it is necessary to recovery archaeological materials from the Neolithic period of this region. Our team is composed of archaeological professionals from across numerous disciplines, paleobotany, micromorphology, ceramic technology, faunal analysis, bioarchaeology and so on. Structured as an undergraduate archaeological field school, our program of work allows students to not only learn the craft of field archaeology, but to also learn about and engage with Georgian culture and history. We have combined this work with an active community outreach, aiming to bring the work we do to not only the academic community but also to the public which it serves. GRAPE is an international multidisciplinary research project investigating the emergence of farming economies in the South Caucasus and the influence of the Near East on the development of local Neolithic cultures and vice versa. For the past 2 years, the University of Toronto and several Georgian agencies (Ministry of Agriculture’s National Wine Agency and the National Museum) have begun a collaboration as part of a larger international project entitled “Research and Popularization of Georgian Grape and Wine Culture”. The aims of the project are to investigate the roots of wine production in the ancient world. The Caucasus region has often been described as the crossroads of history. Wedged between the competing interests of the east and west, Georgia is positioned at the heart of a region that for thousands of years absorbed many of its ‘would-be’ conquerors and managed to maintain its own distinct culture, language and religious traditions. Despite this truth, recent history served to shroud this past from western imagination, experience and scholarship. Since the Republic of Georgia regained its freedom in 1991 after years of Soviet rule, it turned its face towards the west, encouraging interactions that encompass the entirety of Georgian culture and experience. The Gadachrili Gora Regional Archaeological Project Expedition (GRAPE) is a by-product of this ‘about-face’ in Georgian international dialogue. Jo Hall Eric S Yuan Zoom Video Communications Virtual Photo Walks is a cause that uses smart phones and video conferencing to enable people isolated by illness or disability to travel the world in real time. Thanks to our technology partners and a group of dedicated virtual volunteer guides from all over the world, we're able to make the world bigger and brighter for our community of people with disabilities. Our hope is through our efforts, we can make a difference in people's lives. VirtualPhotoWalks was founded by John Butterill, it is a cause that harnesses the power of the internet and mobile communications to enable those living with disability and isolated, hospitalized – young and old – to visit distant places. Watch the movie made about us. If you would like to join us on a +Virtual Photo Walks™ or know some one who would please contact us to learn how. "To Know, To Care, To Act" #VirtualPhotoWalks, #JohnButterill #photowalks #photography #photographers #Video #camera #live #livestream #livestreaming #streetphotography #streetart,#Virtual Photo Walks, #Verizon,#Zoomus

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