"Ayane Discovering the World" with Virtual Photo Walks and Zoom

Ayane - Discovering the World" Original story: 「バーチャル・フォト・ウォークス ジャパン -闘病者を孤独から救う試みの展開」by 陽気妃 (第5回潮ノンフィクション賞 最終選考作) Produced by Virtual Photo Walks Japan Video editor: Noriko Nagahori Music: "Ponder On" Tim Behrens Ayane's story: Ayane lives in Japan and is bed bound, she can only blinks to communicate. There was a problem during the delivery of Ayane. Michiyo the mother fortunately recovered but Ayane was taken to NICU. When Michiyo saw her there, she couldn’t give up on her, and began calling her name. Ayane revived, but suffered serious disability from the lack of oxygen. Since then, Ayane's father, mother and sisters had come a long way too together. They heard about John Butterill and Virtual Photo Walks. They realized VPW would be perfect for Ayane. Using a computer and the Zoom video conferencing app Ayane was connected to the world of Virtual Photo Walks guides, who use their smartphones to stream live inreal time to her. John showed Ayane a winter wonderland of snow in Canada. Since then Ayane has traveled virtually in Japan, and to other countries such as Thailand, England and USA with her Zoom friends around the world. "Ayane Discovering the World" video link 2 min version #Zoomtopia19

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