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Virtual Photo Walks is a non-profit organization that uses smart phones and video conferencing to enable people isolated by illness or disability to travel the world in real time. Thanks to our technology partners and a group of dedicated virtual volunteer guides from all over the world, we're able to make the world bigger and brighter for our community of people with disabilities.  Our hope is through our efforts, we can make a difference in people's lives.VirtualPhotoWalks was founded by John Butterill, it is a charity that harnesses the power of the internet and mobile communications to enable those living with disability and isolated, hospitalized – young and old – to visit distant places. Watch the movie made about us.

Using Virtual volunteer guides equipped with a smart phone's the disabled can participate in immersive, real-time experiences of places they will likely never see first-hand, an African safari, a war veterans’ reunion, a hike in the forest.We want to buy more computers for seniors, and Trail Riders for our community. Please make a donation so we can get people connected.Virtual Photo Walks will allow the disabled participant to become the photographer and stream their experience to friends, family, and people isolated by illness or disability around the world. With the addition of an articulating arm to the Trail Rider to hold the phone they can stream their experience via VPW to other disabled people. 




Virtual Photo Walks is part of if you are a Google employee and make a donation to VPW it is matched by Google. 


Our Song

To Know, To Care, To Act (original) by Tim Behrens

ResolutionCare, Virtual Photo Walks Announce Partnership

ResolutionCare would like to introduce this community to a new friend and partner, John Butterill. A professional photographer living in rural Ontario, John simply attached one tool (his camera) to another (his smartphone) and discovered an amazing opportunity to provide freedom to the isolated, the disabled, and the shut in.

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